Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Bird for the 2011 Season

I had little time on opening day to get my bird.  It was my sister-in-laws 40th and we had a lot to do to prepare for her surprise party.  I left out early only to find that the roads and countryside were thick with fog.  I had resigned myself to a piece of jerky for breakfast but decided to stop for a bit to eat.  After fueling up I was off again down the country roads of rural Tennessee.  My spot was about an hour outside of Nashville.  It was nice to get out of the city and get back to nature.  I took a few unnecessary side roads to take in the fall colors:

My best bud is too old and had to stay at home, leaving me to kick up leafs and branches for woodcock:

I managed to flush two birds but one flushed as I stepped to go by him and by the time I turned around he was gone.  Next week I'll go for quail and scout for turkey:

Jenkins (my dog and butler) didn't make the hunt but I did let him take in the scent when I got home.  At one time he would have been wide eyed and anxious to play with the bird if I let him smell it.  This time he seemed to enjoy it, but the drive was gone.  Here's to a few more years at home on the soft carpet for Jenkins...a damn good dog.

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